Eyes Alive (2015)


Eyes watching every waking move
This life not chosen, no choice given
Panic and chaos if they knew the truth
Left with nothing for me

Chemically conditioned from infancy
Regulated, forced to stay
In an underground mega-city controlling life
Manipulate with pills consumed
Faced with my escape

Alter the drug intake
The oppression casualty
Alter the drug intake
New emotions, mind now clearing

Colliding worlds
The memories of man
The bleeding womb
4,000 years

No time to turn around
 Nothing left for me
A calling forces me to run

Eyes alive, gazed upon the red setting sun
First time eyes gazed upon the red setting sun
Eyes alive


No time to pray today, lost intention
Awoken by the light, illuminate
White room in focus
To live tomorrow searching

The droning daze weakens me

Slave race, awakened and called upon to serve
No resistance, failed experiment
Programmed and searching
No release
The light has faded into red

The pyramid constantly droning
 Drowning me, suffer

Your eyes turn back into your head
Paralysis ensues
Left to crawl inside your brain

She still remains
Do we keep searching?

The light has faded into the darkness
Drone away
Draining me, suffer


Take us in
No return
Spinning crusher grow

Take us in
No return
As if we've never existed

Chasm in the sky
Malicious entity
Gnawed into incandescent ferocity

As the dawning is approaching
 How soon can we prolong extinction?
Black abyss sets us free

Crushing black sun constantly feed
Life's seed, soured
Collapsing into entropy

Can we stretch our mortal boundaries?
Or suffer our fate
Humanity, delete

 A blaze of light burst upon our sight
Conquer kings, destroy
Feast of flesh
'Till there's nothing left


Thy feeding ritual
I am eternal

Taken us in
No return


Red sun scorched light upon me
Darkness before your birthing

Red sun scorched light upon me
Darkness before you came to be

Red sun scorched light upon me
I've watched your flame decay


The eyes awaken before the dawn of man
Your sun is burning until it reaches end
King crowned infinite, immense and born of dust
Forever burning in solar seas above

I, preserver
Reign eternal

Sun will rise and never fall
Open skies that take us all

The end impending, exhausted all its worth
The skies are burning away the flesh of earth
Left in ruin, Not infinite
The light has faded away
No more the sun

Keep us, guide us
Until the end


Under the darkening stars of night
Only the wind wandering

Beyond the dunes
Among the barren ruins
The king sheds no tear

Will I see the light again?
Black Sun

March to the threshold
Burning torch feeds his steps
Give light
The path chosen cracks as you fall

Run out of the cold
Into the sun
The weightless sea
Forever without end

You take away the world
You take and give back nothing

Through me, the way lies the truth
Through me, waiting is the way
Through me, the way lies the truth



Crawl in
Enter the institution, Arboria
Cult of the acid kings
 They will show you the way
And then make you their own
The shadows hand gripping
Lay the drop on the tongue
Submerging into the black hole
The bleeding skull
Worship the vessel that guides you
Keeps you and blinds you

Come my son
Waiting for you
Your rise and fall

Enter dimensional hole, Crawl inside
You know the way, the lonely road
Leading to yours
Bleeding is your third eye
And once you will reach the edge
Nothing is real

Ive seen the end
In technicolor
Follow me there
Inhale yourself
Too late now

Crawl out of the dimensional hole
Shed the skin of old
You feel it
Its your constant lie
Bleed the end away

And now you lay brainwashed and drained
Entombed in their embrace forever

Bleed the skulls dry


The man who walks the path unknown
Through desert sands with dying bones
The setting sun, his eyes last breathe
Lay down your body, await

In the distant horizon a shadow lurks about
Overtake the skies and seas
I'll take you home, I'll set you free


On the edge with eyes gazing into the sun's yellow stare

The shadow grows, behold
Darkness engulfs, eclipsing
The silence gives way, hold
 Climb toward the sun

Awoken from my suspended animation
10 years alone
Drifting in darkness for eternity

The shadow grows, behold
Darkness engulfs, eclipsing
The shadows fade to gold
 Climb toward the sun

Screaming endlessly for a million miles
Lost in a black sea of infinity

My eternal sleep

The visions they grow, blinding my eyes
But I feel safe here in this cosmic labyrinth
Visuals growing, burning my eyes
The stars are alive